Four Aussie pairs bound for division one playoffs

by admin on January 17, 2015

Four Australian Pair’s combinations have progressed to the division one playoffs having topped their sections at the Stewart Buttar Burnside Pairs in Christchurch.

Aaron Wilson and Nathan Rice were in a must win battle with Robert Cook and Lance Pascoe in the final round and it was the Australians that got the better of the locals winning the match 19-8 and moving into the division one playoff. 

Ray Pearse and Matthew Flapper had all but qualified top of their section; however a win in the last round would secure it and prevent a count back. 

Pearse and Flapper’s closest threat within the section was posting a huge margin in the last round, and as it turned out, the Australians needed to win to remain in top spot.

Their final match was going down to the wire and with the scores close for the entire game, the Aussies managed to hold on for a 16-13 win against their Kiwi opponents. 

Chloe Stewart and Anne Johns won their fourth match of the week and secured the Australian women a spot in the division one playoff. 

The pair did it the tough way in their final sectional match defeating Jared McCracken and Kerry Becks by just two shots; however as it turned out, the result in the other match was favourable for the girls had they been defeated in the final match. 

Dylan Fisher and Mark Casey round out the top four Australian teams qualifying top of their section; making it a clean sweep of their section, having not dropped a single game. 

Andrew Howie and Brett Wilkie were unable to overcome the New Zealand Blackjacks combination of Tony Grantham and Mike Nagy in the final match, therefore having to settle for second position. 

Andrew Howie & Brett Wilkie, Kristina Krstic & Carla Odgers, Sarah Boddington & Claire Turley, Samantha Shannahan & Lynsey Clarke will play off in minor divisions two, four and six respectively. 

The top qualifier in each section goes into division one; the second team in each section goes into division 2 and the third team in each section goes into division three and so on down to division six.

Aaron Wilson and Nathan Rice were drawn in the same division one section as Dylan Fisher and Mark Casey.

Ray Pearse and Matthew Flapper were drawn in the same division one section as Chloe Stewart and Anne Johns. 

For more information on the standings and format for the finals please follow the link to Burnside Bowling Club website . 

Round 5 results-

Ray Pearse & Matthew Flapper won 16-13 (Finished 1st)
Aaron Wilson & Nathan Rice won 19-8 (finished 1st)
Dylan Fisher & Mark Casey won 20-8 (finished 1st)
Andrew Howie & Brett Wilkie lost 9-14 (finished 2nd)
Kristina Krstic & Carla Odgers lost 12-17 (finished 4th)
Sarah Boddington & Claire Turley lost 9-18 (finished 6th)
Chloe Stewart & Anne Johns won 18-16 (finished 1st)
Sam Shannahan & Lynsey Clarke won 16-7 (finished 6th)