Blundstone Melbourne Roys farewell Archer

by admin on January 28, 2015

The Blundstone Melbourne Roys will have a new look line-up when they step onto the greens at Pine Rivers for the third instalment of the $110,000 Australian Premier League in November this year. 

Their favourite son Graeme Archer skipped the Roys to many victories during APL01 and APL02; however a new chapter in his life is taking the former Scottish International north to reside on the Wollongong shores, meaning Archer sadly parts ways with the Melbourne based franchise.   

Each franchise in the Australian Premier League have different agendas when finalising their teams; the Blundstone Melbourne Roys owned by Fitzroy Victoria Bowling and Sports Club have prided themselves on representing the Melbourne bowling community which is the sole reason why Archer (who is moving interstate) will be substituted in 2015. 

It comes with great sadness to see Archer depart the Blundstone Melbourne Roys; however he is leaving with tonnes of well wishes from Roy’s fans that loved watching the World Champion work his magic during the first two APL’s. 

During his two years representing the Blundstone Melbourne Roys Archer teamed up with Australian Jackaroo Matthew Flapper and Fitzroy Victoria prodigy Dylan Fisher to finish fifth respectively, narrowly missing finals in both APL01 and APL02 but says it was a fantastic experience playing for the Roys. 

“It was a wonderful opportunity to be part of such a ground breaking tournament and whilst I’m disappointed to be leaving, I completely understand the reasons behind it,” Mr Archer said. 

“Whoever takes my place should embrace the unique tournament and wonderful opportunity bestowed upon them, certainly soak up the atmosphere and lean on Matt (Matthew Flapper) and Snapper (Dylan Fisher) who have the experience playing the unique format.”

Archer relocated from Scotland in August 2012 prior to the 2012 World Championships in Adelaide, where he won gold in the men’s triples, to take up a position at Clayton Bowling Club in Victoria. 

“After three and a half years I have fond memories from Clayton and would like to thank the members for their support,” Mr Archer said. 

When relocating to Australia Archer said he wanted to experience as much of Australia as possible and his move from bustling Melbourne to the Wollongong beaches will be a nice sea change for the adopted Aussie. 

The Scotsman will start his new role at Figtree Bowling Club in early March where he will start a Junior Academy, he hopes to open a bowls shop and will co-ordinate the bowls tournaments and championships for the members. 

“I’m looking forward to the challenges that come with playing bowls in a new state; a new state means different events; however come time for APL I will be cheering on the Blundstone Melbourne Roys,” Mr Archer said. 

Whilst a much loved member of the inaugural Melbourne Roys is moving on, the door is open for a Melbourne based bowler to join forces with the Roys in 2015.

Archer brought great experience to the Roy’s line-up and there is no doubt his replacement has big shoes to fill, big Blundstone boots! 

The Blundstone Melbourne Roys are shooting for an APL breakthrough therefore they are on the hunt for a player that can deliver on the biggest stage.