Capitation Fee changes announced for 2015/16

by admin on March 24, 2015

The Board of Bowls WA has set capitation fees at the following amounts for the 2015/16 financial year:
Metropolitan $49.50 (increase of $4.50) Bowls WA $33.10 Bowls Australia/World Bowls $11.90 GST $4.50
Country $45.00 (no increase) Bowls WA $29.01 Bowls Australia/World Bowls $11.90 GST $4.09
It is acknowledged that there are some inequities between the work carried out on behalf of country members/clubs and metropolitan members/clubs by Bowls WA. The most obvious being the organisation of the pennant competitions, this was further emphasized by country club committees to the Association President, Graham Leeks in his visits to a number of country clubs in the South West and Southern Zone last year.
The above reflects that structural change in capitation in order to be more equitable to both metropolitan and country members.
It should be noted that country leagues and zones will have the league pennant subsidy ($600.00 per league) the country zone rebate ($1.00 per capitated member) and the isolated club rebate (50% of total capitation paid) abolished.
The outcome of this will be to return any benefit to the individual country member at club level.