Morss claims a trio of titles

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Women’s State Singles wrap-up Helen Morss is the 2016/17 Women’s State Singles champion winning an all Manning final at Doubleview on Monday. Morss defeated club and state team mate Helen Heal 25-21 in a game where the two players were rarely separated by more than a couple of shots.
Morss was delighted to have won such a tight match. “I’m very excited, very pleased to get over the line,” she said.
“I had a really good game against Helen Heal and she’s a great team mate so it was a tough one to win but I’m very pleased to be the winner.”
Despite less experience in state finals it was Heal who settled quicker than her opponent getting out to a 3-10 lead which was the biggest of the game. Morrs then found her touch to not only level the score but also take the lead 12-10 which set the pattern for the game.
Both ladies often put good heads together to score but neither could get away and land the knockout blow on her opponent. The largest margin for the rest of the match was four which Morss held three times but was roped back in to two or closer twice.
The key moment of the game came with the scores 19-18 when Morss got two bowls out of the head to make three and put her within touching distance of victory.
Heal did come back again to make it 22-21 but Morss was already in strinking distance and won the game 25-21 two ends later.
Morss recognised her late three as possibly the turning point in such a tight game.
“I thought H (Heal) was nagging the whole time,” she said.
“She never gave it up and she drew really well.
“I think there was one end towards the pointy end of the game where I played a little bit of weight up to the head and managed to sit a couple of Helen’s bowls out and made a three and I feel like that was probably the turning point in the game.
“It might all come down to one shot in the end.”
Morss has now won three state titles from three state events this season and said she would like to complete the set as well as have a good State Side Series.
Heal’s performance in the event is also a positive sign for the representative team as she looks to make her debut for the Western Australia in April.
Lyn Colmer (Margaret River) and Shari Solly (Manning) were the beaten semi-finalists.
Main Photo: Bowls WA President Kerry Andersen and Helen Morss
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