Fathering Project a Success at Byford

by Kaitlin Tyrrell

Getting new people along for a taste of bowls is the key to getting new members into club. Whether they join immediately, in 6 months, 6 years, or even longer a good initial impression of the sport and your club may eventually see people return to the game when the circumstances are right for them.

Recently Byford Bowling Club in partnership with the Parkerville Childrens and Youth Center Fathering Project were able to host a very successful afternoon of bowls for fathers and their children.

David Walker of Parkerville Childrens and Youth Center Coordinator of the Fathering Project commented on their very successful bowls day at Byford Bowling Club.

”As part of the Fathering Projects work within the community, an event was held at the Byford Bowls Club for father and father-figures of Byford Primary School. The sunset lawn bowls was attended by 13 father or father-figures and 25 children. It was an opportunity for dads, to not just play bowls, but to give their child the gift of ”time“. Memory making requires a sacrifice, but the benefits are far reaching. We had great support from the local bowls club with lots of encouraging coaching”.

Congratulations to Byford Bowls Club on this partnership which exposed the sport of bowls to another 38 prospective lawn bowlers.


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