Why You Should Join a Local Lawn Bowls Club!

by Clare Sopp on March 13, 2019

Lawn bowls is not only an excellent sport for many Australians looking to get more exercise, but it is also an excellent hobby embraced by many due to the thrill of competitions, personal enjoyment, the need to spend more time in the great outdoors, or as a fun form of social interaction. There are currently over 2000 clubs across Australia, with an estimated 250,000 registered lawn bowls members. The Australian Open Bowls Championship is the world’s largest bowls event, and fans from all over the world can watch it live via free live streaming provided by Australia’s largest online casinos and sports betting services. Despite its popularity and numerous benefits, lawn bowls is a dying sport due to the difficulty of attracting new players and the rising costs of running clubs. In Sydney alone, approximately 40 clubs have closed in the last decade. It would be a shame if this trend continued, so we thought it was time to remind everyone of the numerous advantages of playing lawn bowls. If you are not already a member of a club, you should consider joining one to help ensure the survival of the sports. Further down we list a few of the active clubs in Western Australia.

Here are a few of the most interesting health benefits of bowls, as well as a few cool examples of top lawn bowls locations in Western Australia where you could plan a long relaxing week on your next vacation or a weekend getaway.

Surprising Benefits of Playing Lawn Bowls

Most health benefits related to playing bowls seem to be most useful for seniors, as follows:

  • playing bowls can help improve one’s overall fitness level in a safe manner, as it is a low-impact sport shaped as a therapeutic form of workout
  • the game can help improve hand-to-eye coordination
  • bowls can help develop and improve various other physical skills without putting major pressure on the joints
  • the game can boost one’s self-esteem and level of confidence, whole crating more bonding inside the community
  • attending lawn bowls competitions or friendly challenges with friends in an engaging way will promote one’s mental well-being

Cool Bowling Clubs in Western Australia You Need to Trylawn bowls

Whether you are interested in a full-fledge lawn bowls tourney or you are looking to play a fun social game with friends, the following clubs in Western Australia should provide you with just what you need:

1. Casino RSM

The Casino Returned Servicemen’s Memorial (RSM) Club is a top community organisation located in beautiful Richmond Valley, on 162 Canterbury Street. The Club displays a rich variety of fun activities for leisure including lots of entertainment and dining options. Casino RSM promotes sporting, as well as cultural, and social development, and their Casino RSM Lawn Bowls Club is open Tuesday to Saturday, alternating between the Men’s Bowling cub, the Ladies’ Bowling Club, and mixed events for men and women, so make sure to check out their schedule.

2. Albany Bowling Club

This club is one of the oldest and most reputable bowls clubs in the area, and it has been officially established in 1899. The club is an amazingly vibrant one hosting hundreds of members ages between 15 and 100! You can expect to come across progressive sporting here as well as flawless social organisation, with choices like rock and roll dance classes, pool, darts, and, of course, lawn bowls.

You will find this club open seven days out of seven and it can even be rented for private parties, so you could plan your upcoming birthday or anniversary here, especially since you will also get to benefit from the perks of the fully licensed bar there.

3. Balingup Recreation Centre

This center is located on the South Western Highway in Balingup, nearby the transit park and the town of Balingup, so you could plan a fun vacation or weekend getaway here as there will be plenty of other fun things to do around the club. You will get to enjoy the nonstop bowls being played here at the Balingup Bowling Club on the synthetic green, with pennants being played in the Blackwood League every Saturday and Wednesday, starting time 1:30pm. Plan a visit here in January and take advantage of the three-day Carnival organised here over the weekend.

4. Beverley Bowling and Croquet Club

This lawn bowls club is home to two gorgeous greens and an amazing croquet green that should keep you busy for a couple of days. Plan your trip here on a Wednesday or Friday in the winter, arrive by 10:5 in the morning, and get ready to engage in a fun croquet game. Visiting during the summer? Get there on a Wednesday or Friday afternoon and get ready to have a blast at this club that is a member of the Avon Valley Bowling League. You will also have the chance to compete in the pennant fixtures that are held during the warm season.

5. The Bunbury Bowling & Social Club

The Bowling Club here is located in breathtaking scenery along with a famous landmark, with mesmerizing views over a park nearby. Get ready to admire some of the most gorgeous sunsets after spending the entire day playing lawn bowls. If you are a newbie, you are going to find the extremely friendly atmosphere and competitive edge here very pleasant.

These are just a few of the most interesting lawn bowling clubs you will come across in Western Australia, but there are plenty more waiting for your brief visit or an expanded vacation here.