IRRR 2019 Wrap Up

by Denise McMillan

The women’s metro Inter Region Round Robin (IRRR) event was hosted this past weekend at Warnbro Bowling Club.  The club were fantastic hosts and showcased an excellent event with positive feedback from the players, observers and the Regional Committees.  The roof-covered greens were a blessing with Sunday’s weather being fairly inclement with lots of rain!  No cancellations at this years IRRR!

This event hosts 96 female bowlers, 24 players from Eastern – Northern – South Coastal – Southern Regions, who compete in three round-robin games of 18 ends prior to an All-Star Game where the eight of the best of the weekend’s players (per region) are selected to compete in three 50-minute timed games against each other.

Eastern Region:

Northern Region:

South Coastal Region:

Southern Region:

Awards are given to the Best Performed Region and the winners of the All-Star Game.  This year Northern Region was the biggest victor of the weekend claiming BOTH awards.

The round-robin games were won unanimously by Northern with 9 points, followed by South Coastal with 6 points, Eastern with 3 points and Southern with 0 points.

Region Winners – Northern:

Competition was stiff in the All-Star Game with both Northern and Eastern earning 6 points and tied scores of 36 shots.  Rink wins were also even and the results had to be calculated by aggregate and then Northern won by 1 point to come out on top!

All-Star Winners – Northern:

All-Star awards presented by:
Deborah Capper, Bowls WA Board Member