Message from the Bowls WA President

by Aaron Delaporte on May 1, 2020

We are facing unprecedented times – the privilege of freely moving about, forgoing our love of the outdoors and our sport – all taken from us, not to mention the fear of illness and the unknown.

With restrictions easing, it is important that clubs embrace the privilege granted to us in allowing us to partake of our sport albeit under strict conditions.

It is important that clubs closely follow the guidelines which allow members to utilise the greens. Every club is responsible for adhering to the directions and ensuring good hygiene practices. Guidelines are in place and are constantly being monitored to help manage COVID19.

Social distancing is paramount and clubs must conscientiously monitor numbers on the green – no more than 10 persons per green, with a rink space between each rink in use. Mats and jacks must not be shared and must be sanitised before and after use. Players are encouraged to leave the premises immediately after the conclusion of play. No barefoot bowls permitted.

Let us all abide by the rules to ensure a safe and secure environment for all.

There are difficult times ahead and I am sure all are concerned with the future of their clubs and the impact the closures will have imposed. Government stimulus packages have targeted business and employees and I hope your club has availed itself of some of the offerings. Our Regional Bowls Managers, Clive Adams and Steve Unsworth are well versed in government initiatives and are available to help clubs as required and it is pleasing to note that many have.

Bowls WA is committed to providing support and guidance to clubs and will continue to work with clubs to maintain and enhance their operations to provide long term sustainability following these uncertain times.

Responses to the items of the agenda of the President’s Forum are being collated by office staff and I hope all clubs will embrace the somewhat unusual Forum via email. Your input into the agenda items are important for the successful conduct of the forthcoming season, which I optimistically am hoping will commence on time in September.

I cannot speak highly enough of Ken Pride and the staff and my sincere thanks are extended to them for their resilience in these hard times. Along with the upset of recent storm damage to the office which entailed much hard work and cleaning, they have been faced with working from home on shortened hours.

Many difficult decisions have been forced on Staff and the Board, in consultation with Bowls Australia and of course within Government directives. Although some may have not agreed with the timing of some of those decisions, the conservative approach has been in the best interests and well-being of its members. Although the office is closed, staff may be contacted as usual to provide support to members as always.

We are all in this together and together we will rise again (sooner rather than later, I hope!) to enjoy our much loved sport and clubs.

I wish you and all your friends and family, good health and may we look forward to brighter days.

Yours sincerely,

Kerry Andersen