Bowls WA Volunteer Handbook

by Kaitlin Tyrrell on June 26, 2020

Bowls WA has created a Volunteer Handbook for clubs to assist them in volunteering. This is a valuable resource to be used around your club and may help in the recruitment and retention of volunteers as well as provide new ideas and methods when it comes to volunteering.

At its core, a volunteer handbook is a resource (printed or digital) that clearly defines what an club does and how volunteers help the club. It can explain volunteering rules, as well as set out tasks or expectation. It’s a “legacy” resource that everyone can use as they grow with an club and can be altered and applied to a specific club

Bowls WA hopes clubs will use this resource as well as the other resources provided through the Bowls WA website under Club Support – Club Resource Guide. These are all tools that can provide a club with assistance in day-to-day operations as well as many other aspects within the club environment.

Click the link below to take you to the Bowls WA Volunteer Handbook page

Bowls WA Volunteer Handbook