Packer side win delayed Masters Fours

by Aaron Delaporte

After a Covid-19 enforced delay the Doubleview Men’s Masters Fours sponsored by Bethanie Group was able to be completed yesterday Sunday 4th October 2020.

Four strong teams took to the Doubleview greens to conclude the event which had sectional play 203 days earlier.

In the semi -finals Cody Packer and his composite side of Anthony Williams, Dale Marsland and Lewis Grigg had a 19-12 victory over the Cambridge line-up of Clive Adams, Sam Perica, Andrew Foster and Luke Bolton. Whilst the other semi was a blockbuster than went to an extra end before the Manning side of Shane Knott, Tom Mitchell, Stephen Patterson and Scott O’Brien prevailed over the local Doubleview team of Ryan Moyle, Kyle McIlroy, Stephen Cerff and Corey Bessant.

The final looked an exciting match on paper and that was exactly how it panned out, the score was 13-10 in our favour of Packer’s team with five ends to play. Up until that point everyone had contributed quite well to a pretty good quality final, the leads had a great tussle with O’Brien just holding the edge over Grigg. Marsland and Patterson shared the spoils pretty evenly, whilst Williams and Mitchell both played some great bowls however a couple of telling draw shots gave Williams the edge in that battle. Skippers Packer and Knott had broken pretty much even to that point. At end 15 Knott’s rink had played a really good end and held a very good three with shot bowl being three inches behind and slightly left right of the jack. Packer’s last was played with trail weight and landed the shot bowl for one up to make score 14-10. End 16 and this time Packer’s side played a great end of bowls with Williams playing a superb forehand draw shot on the wide hand to front nose the jack for four. Mitchell then drew and almost perfect bowl to get second and the skippers were unable to change anything, which made it 15-10. On End 17 Knotts rink played an excellent end and had two very good shots with a foot. Knott drew another resting on them to make it 3. Packer played big weight and hit the pack but one rolled with the jack and then Knott drew a great shot with his last to make three again 15-13. End 18 was a scrappy end with the skips unable to change the head at all as Knott picked up two leaving it at 15 all into last end. With the pressure on the leads opening bowls were both a metre and a bit away, O’Brien then drew within 2.5 feet short however Grigg drew around it within 1.5 feet to hold shot. Marlsand then drew a very good second shot.. the thirds were unable to change anything and it was down to the skips. Knott’s first fell just short and Packer did the same still holding two. One each left, Knott played weight on the backhand and hit the front bowls which is what he was aiming for and they just missed jack dislodging just one of the shot bowls meaning Packer and his side were able to celebrate without playing the last bowl for a 16-15 victory.

Congratulations to the all those whose participated in the Men’s Masters Fours, well done to the Doubleview Bowling Club as host and a big thank you to the event sponsor Bethanie Group.

With the Women’s Triples and Mixed Pairs cancelled last season an announcement for the Champion male and female bowler for the 2019-20 Dyenamic Masters Series will be made shortly.