Where to Get a Game out of Season

by Aaron Delaporte on March 12, 2021

Bowls WA are now taking club submissions for games played out of season.

Club officials can complete a paper based form which has been emailed to the club secretary or complete the online form below

Submissions will appear on the Bowls WA Website at www.bowlswa.com.au/where-to-get-a-game/ and the May 2021 version of Jack Hi.

Where to get a Game Out of Season - Club Form
Your name
Your email - should we need to contact you regarding this submission
Club the event will be held
Description of Event i.e. Scroungers, Popsticks, Drawn Pairs etc...
Select the day this event is being held
Select the gender for this event
Day/Time for names to be submitted to play
Event starting time
Phone number to call for entrants