Bowls Blitz teams now complete

by Aaron Delaporte

The Eight Franchise Managers of Bowls Blitz recently came together to complete their squads, ready for the first game on Sunday 23rd May.

With outstanding support of the competition, over 80 nominations were received for the remaining 23 positions within the squads.

Each manager had different requirements, which left many outstanding players unable to find a home for this season’s tournament. However, they now go into a pool and are available for managers to select if a regular squad member is away for one of the scheduled playing weeks.

With the squads now complete, the next stage is to announce the venues and final fixtures over the next week. A Bowls Blitz website will also be launched very soon.

BCiB Blitz – Ken Pride           

Laura Merz (captain)

Ryan Moyle                

Scott Walker              

Matthew Mitchell      

Shari Solly       

Tyrone Alberti – South Perth

Connor Biddle – Osborne Park          

Helen Morss   – South Perth 

Blooms The Chemist Stars – Therese Hastings        

Kristina Krstic (captain)          

Blake Nairn                

Blake Butler               

Lisa Brannan              

Matthew Whitely       

Ryan Brown                – Osborne Park

Joel Leeson                 – Denison       

Segan Pasalich           – Osborne Park          

Variety- the Children’s Charity Chargers – Lindsay Thorn  

Bill Brandsma (captain)         

Glenn Pauling             

Anthony Williams      

Kaitlin Tyrrell             

Jenny Parker              

Gavin Faulkner           – Doubleview 

Ben Leggett                – Joondalup   

Sean Mawdsley          – Warnbro     

SRC Sharpshooters – Jaewyn Norton

Lisa Featherby (captain)                    

Dale Marsland                       

Shane Loftus                           

Scott O’Brien                         

Toni Madigan                         

Miles Kemp                – Manning                  

Steve Novak               – Kardinya                  

Justin Opie                  – South Perth             

Liquor Traders Pirates – Helen Stevens

Dave Rankin (captain)

Kyle Mcilroy               

Lee Such                     

Robyn O’Brien           

Shaan Saunders                      

Jim Buchanan             – Joondalup   

Travis Leahy               – Kardinya      

Paul Sinden                – Mt Lawley   

Dyenamic Cyclones – Tony Hockey 

Clive Adams (captain)

Hailey Packer 

Cameron Harris                     

Lewis Grigg                

Sian Smith      

Simon Alden               

Brad Gillingham         – North Beach

Neville Stevens          – Osborne Park         

Henselite Enforcers – Pieter Harris  

Cody Packer (captain)

Chris Ace-Watson       

Warren Holt               

Shane Knott                

Lexie Harris                

Mitchell Biglin             – South Perth

Mark Masel                – Mt Lawley

Lee Poletti                  – Mosman Park          

Trophy Warehouse Pinnacles – Linda Warburton

John Slavich (captain)

Russell Bates              

Jack East                     

Paul Davies                

Amanda Masters       

William Hyatt             – Dudley Park

Donna Blackwell        – Melville       

Noelene Abe              – Corrigin