Alert for score card scam

by Aaron Delaporte

Bowls WA’s wishes to make all clubs aware of a scam in which local WA business’s and political connections are targeted in an organised score card printing racket in which the companies involved purport to represent local bowling clubs. The companies involved are generally licensed on the Gold Coast but may use a Western Australian PO Box in order to appear local, they will also generally use a generic email address such as gmail account.

The way the scam works is that the company contacts a business or political office claiming that the local bowling club needs scorecards for the coming season and asks whether they would like to support the club by having their details advertised on the cards. Given the cost involved is not significant, generally only a few hundred dollars, many business’s will agree to the deal and send through advertising material and details for the cards.

The cards are then printed for a cost significantly less than what is charged and the cards sent to the bowling club. In some instances the business may be in direct conflict with an existing club sponsor. The club receiving the cards does not get charged anything and often will of course choose not to use the cards. Often the business or politician will then contact the club which leads to an awkward situation for both the club and the business involved.

Bowls WA suggests clubs make their sponsors and political supporters aware of this scam and report any such known activity to Scam Watch – Report a Scam