2022 Sandgroper Bowling Arm State Side Announced

by Denise McMillan

The 2022 Sandgroper Bowling Arm State Side has been selected to represent WA, in WA, at Warnbro Bowling Club during the ‘National Bowling Arm Sides Championships’ which runs from September 5 to 9.  This will be the first time WA has hosted this event.

As the 2021 National Sides Series was cancelled due to Covid, there are still new players from last year’s selections who were again selected in 2022: Maurice Buckingham, Gary Giblett, Roy Jones, Kevin Lynch, Gary Moore, and Bill Taylor.

In addition to last years new selections there are four new players this year – a warm welcome to Eddie Gollan, Kevan McKenzie, Richard Passmore, and Clare Van Houwelingen – and returning player Derwas Overhue.

Interestingly, while the side still consists dominantly of country players (13) there are a few more metro players interspersed each year (5)!

UPCOMING PRACTICE DATES (9:30 arrival for 10 start)

Monday 30 May – Last Open Practice for Squad (Shield Shirt Pick Up)

  1. Monday 13 June – SIDE PRACTICE, Warnbro (Uniform Fitting)
  2. Monday 11 July – SIDE PRACTICE, Warnbro
  3. Monday 8 August – MUNDARING v SANDGROPER SHIELD DAY, Warnbro


Laurie Blurton, Sandgroper Bowling Arm Coordinator

Denise McMillan, Inclusion & High Performance, Bowls WA