Chargers Take Day 1 Bowls Blitz Honours

by Pieter Harris on July 5, 2022

 The Kardinya Bowling Club were the perfect host on Day 1 of the 2022 Bowls Blitz with their excellent volunteers and great food for both player and spectator. Kardinya were also able to provide a perfect winter’s day with a chill in the air first thing in the morning and later in the afternoon but with plenty of warm sunshine throughout the day.

Variety – the Children’s Charity Chargers Manager Lindsay Thorn will be overjoyed with how his players performed throughout the day, as they sit on top of the ladder after five rounds despite winning one less rink than the second-placed AFGRI Pinnacles. The Chargers were able to make up the points difference by winning a huge 91 ends during the whole day. Every rink win earns 10 points and ends won earns one point, so the fourteen ends differential between the Chargers and the Pinnacles was enough to put them on top of the ladder after five rounds. The Chargers will complete the first home and away round at Thornlie on Sunday 10th July with first and second up matches against the 8th placed BCiB Blitz and the 6th placed Henselite Enforcers and will be looking to extend their lead on top of the ladder.

The AFGRI Pinnacles sit 2nd on the ladder after five rounds but won the most rinks of any franchise during the day. Their focus for day two at Thornlie will be to continue winning rinks but also win a few more ends during all the games as they won the least number of ends, being 77, of any of the teams in the top four. Sunday morning at Thornlie will be huge for the Pinnacles as they take on the 4th placed Senior Recreational Council Sharpshooters first up followed by the 3rd placed Blooms the Chemist Stars.

Last year’s Tournament winners, Blooms the Chemist Stars, had an up and down first day by losing on all rinks in their round 3 match against ladder leaders Chargers and getting two draws and one rink win against the 8th placed BCiB Blitz. However strong wins against Henselite Enforcers and Liquor Trader Pirates puts them in a sound 3rd position after five rounds with big games against the Dyenamic Cyclones and Pinnacles to come next at the Thornlie Bowling Club on Sunday 10th July.

The Senior Recreational Council Sharpshooters had a solid first day with good wins against The Pirates and the 3rd placed Stars. The next rounds against the 2nd placed Pinnacles and 6th placed Cyclones will go a long way to seeing them playing in the finals at the end of the 12-round home and away series.

Snapping at the heels of the top four are the Henselite Enforcers and Dyenamic Cyclones only eight and fifteen points behind 4th position respectively. Both Franchises have games against teams inside the top four coming up, with the Cyclones playing both the 3rd placed Stars and 4th placed Sharpshooters in the first two rounds at Thornlie on Sunday and the Enforcers up against ladder leaders the Charges coming up in the second game of the day.

The Liquor Trader Pirates and the BCiB Blitz both had hard first days at Kardinya last Sunday and complete the ladder in 7th and 8th position. Fortunately, with so many points available each round with 10 points per rink win and one point per end won, teams can make up ground very quickly on the teams above them. Both Franchises will be looking to turn their fortunes around with renewed vigor with the Blitz starting the day against ladder leader Charges and the Pirates taking on the Enforcers. A win by both Franchises will see a massive matchup the following round with the Pirates and Blitz playing each other in a telling fixture.

All teams will now front up at Thornlie Bowling Club this coming Sunday to play rounds 6-10. The Bowls Blitz 2022 will then conclude at the Cockburn Bowling Club on Sunday 31st July. More information to come on fixtures this Sunday later in the week.

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