Bowls Australia invest in Games success

by Aaron Delaporte on September 8, 2022

Bowls Australia has confirmed a significant investment in the continuation of the Local Legends campaign that will look to focus on the sport’s most successful Commonwealth Games in history.

Designed to encourage the community to visit their Local Bowlo, the campaign in WA will stretch across SEN’s SportsDay show with Karl Langdon, Mark Readings and Peter Vlahos, the televised Bowls Show on 7Two and Fox Sports and various Digital applications.

The 10-month national campaign kicked off in mid-August, with a Total Casual Value of over $650,000 invested nationally, with a significant part of that through SEN’s reach via metro and country stations throughout WA.

The post Commonwealth Games investment follows on from the recently released National and WA strategic plans which share a common purpose of Connecting more people to bowls – in more ways – more often !