Game Plan gets an upgrade

by Aaron Clark on December 6, 2022

Last year Sport Australia released a new online tool designed specifically for helping sporting clubs examine how they operate and supporting them to build and improve capability called Sport Game Plan.

Last month two new modules launched; Safeguarding and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) and Sport Integrity Australia (SIA) came together to launch the module to support sporting clubs and keep their environments safe.

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion module focuses on supporting and assisting clubs to enable them to engage with people from all backgrounds.

These new modules replace the previous Safe & Inclusive module. The Safeguarding and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion modules are now available and sporting clubs can complete them, they come with tools and resources to support the clubs’ plans.

For clubs who develop action items under the Safeguarding and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion modules Bowls WA also recommends getting in touch with our Inclusion Officer, Denise McMillan who can provide Bowls specific support in this area.

You can Contact Denise at this email: 

It is recommended by Sport Australia for clubs to now review and confirm their priorities and get started with these new modules.

Game Plan is free for Bowls Clubs to use, and as the most accessible sport it’s most certainly a useful tool for the Bowls Community.

Mt Lawley, President Terry Conley had this to say previously about using Game Plan for his club.

Game Plan has a very good catalogue of resources that can be easily customised to meet a club’s requirements and include club branding and references. Suggested Game Plan resources can be added or removed to meet an individual club’s needs.

Game plan is easy to use with repeatable steps and activities across all the modules so there should be a common look and feel to completed Action Plans undertaken by different club members.


For any additional information please contact your Regional Bowls Manager

CLIVE ADAMS (NORTH) 0408 136 831

TROY KINNANE (SOUTH) 0418 890 680

Or watch the short video below to find out more.

You can find the Game Plan Website here