Men’s Northern ILRR Results

by Aaron Clark on January 9, 2023

The Men’s Northern Inter League Round Robin winners were decided yesterday with the win going to Batavia Red, beating Central West Coast by point difference.

Batavia Red90154301st
Central West Coast-211.54232nd
Central Midlands783163rd
North Midlands-98.52174th
Moore Districts-3910.51215th
Batavia White-856.50136th

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IZRR Teams:

S Fewster, C Eva, R Morecombe, K,McConnell

S Giudice-Nairn, M Fords, M Walton, M Adams

B King, J Trotter, I Carlshausen, W Glenister

B Manning, D Jolly, M McPeherson, T Brooks

S Beckwith, P Fewster, G Cosgrove, B Hirsch

Reserves T O’Brien, C McDonald, A Carlton, W Sivyer (lead)

Manager T Koltasz

Selector N Skogland