Bowls Blitz Round 1 Matchups

by Pieter Harris on July 1, 2023

Bowls Blitz returns on Sunday 2nd July at the Sorrento Bowling Club, and Franchise Managers have submitted their rinks for round 1

On what promises to be another amazing competition with many of WA’s best players involved, a number of members may be unavailable for Day 1 but this only creates more players an opportunity to play in front of the Open and Over 60’s Selectors.


Ian Hastings has taken control of the Stars this season and has put together three strong rinks for round 1. The Stars are missing David Downey, Lisa Brannan, and Callum Alberti on day 1 but Ian has selected experienced replacements in Noelene Abe and Rhonda Prosser as well as Kardinya’s Matt Allen.

One fours rink and three triples rinks are in play for round 1. The Stars are looking to Lisa Featherby and Joel Leeson to take control of the triples and Blake Nairn returns from his season in Victoria to take control of the fours.

Bruce Eagles will manage the Sharpshooters for the first time and has formidable combinations for round 1. Warren Holt is missing for the first day and Segan Pasalich is a late withdrawal. Ruby Leggett has been given an opportunity, with the consistent Paul Davies stepping up as well.

The Sharpshooters have Shane Knott skipping a triples rink, forming a lethal combination with Chris Ace-Watson as his second. Blake Butler fresh from leading Manning to a Premier Pennant is skipping the other triples, with Michael Sweeney stepping up to skip the fours.

B Nairn, N Abe, R Brown, D Saunders v M Sweeney, S Cerff, R Leggett, J Parker

L Featherby, R Prosser, M Potente v S Knott, C Ace-Watson, P Jones

J Leeson, K Hughes, M Allen v B Butler, S Saunders, P Davies


BWA Academy Coach Geoff Watson takes over the running of the Enforcers, with a great squad in toe. Geoff has a full squad to put onto the green and looks to have a balanced group of players

Daniel Trewhella is skipping the fours in round 1 and has experienced third Steve Novak working with him. Hailey Packer and Ben Leggett will lead out the triples combinations and both have a team of experienced and up-and-coming talent.

Under 18’s State Coach Kelli Wray, has a wealth of both State and Australian experience. Kelli is running the Chargers Franchise and is sure to have them in great order. Jimmy Buchanan has been delayed overseas, giving Louie Beurteaux the opportunity to play on day 1.

Kristina Krstic will miss at least one day of the Blitz in the future, so Sunday is the time to come to Sorrento and watch WA’s Australian representative. Kristina skips the fours and Loiue will come into play as her third. Anthony Williams skips one of the triples and Doubleview Premier League player Stewart Gosstray will lead the other triples combination.

D Trewhella, S Novak, R Schinzig, L Smith v K Krtsic, L Beurteaux, J Watson, C Biddle

H Packer, S Walker, B McGrechan v S Gosstray, D Kelly, C Harris

B Leggett C Green, L Webster v A Williams, B White, K Carr


Last season’s Pirates captain has stepped into the Pirates managers role. Dave’s experience will serve his franchise well. Cody Packer will miss day 1 as he is playing in the NSW State Pennant Finals but will return for the remaining two days, Lee Poletti will fill Cody’s shoes with a lot of experience.

Sean Mawdsley had a great Blitz 02 and will skip the fours first up. Champion of Champion Singles winner, Jack East will give Sean great support. Sorrento’s Paul Knight and Lee Poletti will skip the triples and have plenty of firepower at their disposal.

Stephen Beckwith steps into his first Blitz managerial role with the Cyclones. Donna Blackwell continues to recover from injury and Greg Taylor will take her place on Day 1 on Blitz 03.

The ever-reliable Clive Adams will skip the fours in round 1 and will have the other ever-reliable, Bill Brandsma, will set him up. Shane Giudice-Nairn was a proven match-winner in Blitz 02 and he and Brad Gillingham will control the triples teams in round 1

S Mawdsley, J East, R Bates, J Zadow v C Adams, B Brandsma, K Tyrrell, G Taylor

P Knight, D Marsland, L Warburton v S Giudice-Nairn, H Stevens, M Biglin

L Poletti, J McLaughlin, J Adam v B Gillingham, P Chalmers, J Clayton