Consistency is the key

by Clive Adams on August 4, 2023

Rosenthal Medal and Connie Hicks Brooch points will go on the line for the first time this season as the traditional season opener, the Mount Lawley Consistency Singles, kicks off in September. The draw based game, where points are awarded for the closest four bowls each end is a great test of the game’s most precise skill, and is a wonderful introduction to the season ahead.

Two stars of the sport in Daniel Trewhella and Therese Hastings were the champions last year, and a big field will be looking to join them on the star studded list of winners of this event.

This year’s men’s event has three options for the opening day of qualifying, being Saturday 9th September, Sunday 10th September or Friday 22nd September. Follow-on knockout rounds and finals occur on Saturday 23rd September and Sunday the 24th.

The women’s event also has a choice of starting days being Sunday 17th September or Tuesday 19th September. Follow-on and finals will be played on Saturday 23rd September and Sunday the 24th.

To enter this year’s event, simply head to the Bowls WA event entry page for all the details.