Hastings Retires as WA Women’s State Coach

by Pieter Harris on February 15, 2024

Therese Hastings has decided not to reapply for the WA Women’s State Coaching position after 9 years in the position.

“I know the time is right for both me and the team. I will always be grateful for having had the opportunity to coach the Women’s State Side and squads. I will watch and support the next era of State players and coaches with great interest” said Therese when informing Bowls WA of her decision.

Therese has been a vital part of Bowls in Western Australia as both a player and coach for over 25 years and will be sorely missed in the WA High-Performance area.

Starting her HP Coaching Career in 2009 as the WA Under 18’s State Coach and then moving on to become Bowls Australia’s WA National Training Centre Coach in 2013, Therese was first appointed as the WA Women’s State Coach in July 2015. While the ultimate success of a Marg Morris Trophy alluded the WA team in Therese’s time as coach, a number of top-three finishes showed the competitive qualities Therese brought as a player and instilled as a coach.

There is no doubt we will still see Therese wandering around with purpose both on and off the green for some time yet and we look forward to still hearing her words of wisdom every now and again.

On behalf of Bowls WA and all the players you have had a hand in making better, Thank you, Therese Hastings.