Men’s and Women’s Saturday Pennant Finals Information – Roll-up before matches

by Clive Adams on March 22, 2024

This season BWA implemented the ability for players to practice up to 30 minutes before trial ends begin and many players have taken advantage of that.

However, as we move into finals tomorrow, some clubs have concerns that players turning up for a practice prior to 8.45am tomorrow (Saturday) will be disappointed as green preparation will still be underway.

Practice prior to 8.45am for AM Finals is to be determined by host clubs and should be done as “everyone at the venue gets to practice or nobody can practice”.

If teams have players considering practice, one (1) club representative (team Manager or other representative) should contact the host club to find out if they will be able to practice prior to 8,45am.

Players cannot turn up and demand to be able to practice.

For Sunday 1st Division Grand Finals at Bassendean, there will be NO practice prior to the trial ends at 9.45am.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration of club employees and volunteers preparing greens for AM starts.