Policies and Documents

Bowls WA Constitution

Bowls WA Constitution – Updated 8th December 2018

  • Outlines the Purpose and Powers of Bowls WA 
  • Lists all of the rules of operation 
  • Sets out the members’ rights and responsibilities

The Constitution of the Association shall not be added to, replaced, altered or amended except by Special Resolution, submitted as a Notice of Motion for the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary Meeting of the Association called for that purpose.

Bowls WA By Laws

Bowls WA By Laws – Updated 29th December 2020

The Board Of Bowls WA may formulate, issue, adopt, interpret and amend such By Laws for the proper advancement, management and administration of the Association, the advancement of the Objects and the sport of Bowls as it thinks necessary or desirable. Such By Laws must be consistent with the Constitution.

Bowls WA Handbook

The Bowls WA Handbook contains contact information about the State Association and the Zones, Leagues and Clubs that participate in bowls through out Western Australia. It also includes General Information along with Rules and Conditions for competitions in WA.

2021-2022 Bowls WA Handbook last revised 11th November 2021.

If any information is incorrect or needs updating please contact Bowls WA 9340 0800 or email enquiries@bowlswa.com.au

Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

Strategic Plan

Bowls WA Strategic Plan (2017-2022)

Charters and Policies

Committee Charters and Policy statements are made to keep the sport of bowls fair and to protect the integrity of the game. These policies are continually reviewed and altered where necessary.

Bowls WA Charters

Bowls Management Committee Charter

Audit Risk and Finance Charter

Governance and People Development Charter

Club Development Charter

Country Charters

Country Committee Charter

Country Leagues Charter

Country Zones Charter

Operational Committee Charters

Fixtures and Events Charter

Greens and Infrastructure Charter

Umpires Charter

High Performance and Coaching Charter

Governance and People Development Charter


Audit Risk and Finance Policy

Bowls WA Attire Policy – Bowls Australia Attire Policy

Clubs Changing Leagues Policy

Committee Code of Conduct

Communication and Use of New Technology Policy

Extreme Weather Policy

Greens Policy

Healthy Sport Policy

High Performance and Talent Development Policy

Integrity of Graded Pennants Policy

Mentally Healthy Policy

National Integrity Framework – Child Safeguarding Policy

National Integrity Framework – Competition Manipulation and Sports Wagering Policy

National Integrity Framework – Member Protection Policy

OH+S Policy

Privacy Policy

Risk Management Policy

Sun Protection Policy

Tobacco Policy

Volunteer, Club and Player Recognition Policy

Other Information

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