What Can Be Done To Make Lawn Bowls More Popular?

by Denise McMillan on March 25, 2019

Lawn Bowls

If you have ever visited Paris on a sunny afternoon and walked near a patch of grass you have likely seen men engaging in some form of lawn bowls competitions. Lawn bowling is a very popular and relaxing recreational opportunity where you literally bowl as you would in a bowling alley but outside, across a lawn, with a different set of balls but using the same types of movement. It is a game easily accessible to people regardless of skill level or physical limitations are disabilities which makes it a very relaxing and entertaining opportunity for just about everyone to enjoy.

Lawn bowls is considered a dying sport, but what does that mean? It means that the sport is no longer attracting a high level of participation in any of its forms whether that is from people participating directly in the sport or people coming to watch the sport.

Why Lawn Bowls Are Dying Out

There are many reasons that lawn bowls are dying out:

  1. One is that it’s simply more difficult to bring in new players particularly in areas where people don’t really know much about the sport and therefore don’t have a lot of exposure to it.
  2. Another reason why lawn bowls are dying out is that running clubs is costly. In order to maintain a club, there have to be club dues or membership dues that are paid, sufficiently such that they can keep the day-to-day operations going. Most sporting events and organizations require money. Even a child participating in an after-school program has to pay for things like uniforms, sporting equipment, pictures, and maybe even things like the rental fees for using a local gym or having someone referee the game. 

Thankfully there are things that you can do to keep this sport alive and to get involved even if it’s just to a minimal degree.

1. Join a Lawn Bowls Club

The first thing you can do is to join a lawn bowls club. Given the difficulty of attracting new players, you can help keep the sport alive by finding a local club even if you don’t dedicate a great deal of time and effort to it. Even a small amount of effort can help keep things alive.

One of the reasons to join a lawn bowls club even if you have no plans of becoming a professional player is to help the clubs survive. Paying a minimal level of club dues can give you an opportunity to help keep the industry alive.

2. Encourage Others

Similarly, once you get involved, bring others under the fold. You can get friends and family to start playing with you, using it as a way to seek entertainment and socialization with those people you care about.  This particular game is one that is very accessible even for people who are in a wheelchair or who don’t have a lot of physical strength so it is something opportunistic for large families or groups that have a dynamic range of physical ability. Families might find that it’s one of the few outdoor activities they can do that involve everyone from Toddlers up through grandparents. What’s more, you might even find that playing with your friends and family gives you all a very fun hobby or sports with which you can remain involved long-term. You never know what might bring everyone together.

3. Get The Sportsbooks Involved 

Anything and everything that sportsbooks offer odds on tend to make headlines. When the major sportsbooks offered bets on house rates in Melbourn in an effort to find betting alternatives to sport, it sparked a widespread public debate, something a dying sport can benefit from. Dart was once troubled by the same issues as lawn bowls, but the sport’s popularity has grown since sportsbooks began to offer odds on tournaments. But we shouldn’t get our hopes up too much. According to Australia Casino, dart participation has not skyrocketed since its introduction into the Australian betting market, but it has increased, which may be enough to keep lawn bowls alive. Further, getting sportsbooks to stream tournaments from around the world and offer odds on the games can make it easier for clubs to attract financial sponsors.

4. Market Tournaments

Once you and your friends are involved, even if you don’t remain highly engaged, you can still work to spread the word in your community about lawn bowls clubs and tournaments. If a tournament is happening in your area, advertising it on local social media pages, or telling friends and family might be just enough to spark an interest.

With these 4 tips we hope further generations in Australia will be able to enjoy the many great benefits of playing lawn bowls!