Mt Lawley magnificent in victory

by Aaron Delaporte

Finals day of the Dyenamic 2020 Men’s State Fours took place at the magnificent Bassendean Bowling Club on Sunday 26th October with a magnificent crowd in attendance.

The Semi Finals took place in the morning with comebacks in both games but not both being successful. In the first Semi Final, the composite team of Ryan Moyle, Kyle Mcilroy, Steve Cerff and Corey Bessant took on Brad Ball, Chris Lander, Russell Bates and Ben Garratt also a composite side. The Moyle combination jumped out of the blocks with a five on the first end and followed it up with a four on the third end. More multiples followed and the game looked over after nine ends and Moyle leading 17-2.

A couple of singles from Ball got them moving in the right direction as they searched for a length of jack to give them an advantage. Another two to Ball gave them three ends in a row and then a big five made it four ends and a score line of 17-11 to Moyle. A single to Moyle was only a momentary reprieve as the Ball foursome continued to put on the pressure with a double and a single to move within four with two ends to play. Another single to Moyle gave them some breathing space and they ran out winners 19-15 to move into the final.

While the second semi final was moving in the same direction as the first, as one side jumped out to a lead, the ending was much more on the edge of your seat. The Mt Lawley team of Mark Masel, Anthony Einfield, Paul Sinden and Adam Graham started well before falling behind in their battle with Mosman Park’s Cameron Hoffman, Mitchell Cranswick, Terry Cranswick and Mark Robberston.

At 4-4 after five ends it looked like it would be a seesawing battle before the Hoffman team grabbed a six and then a two to open up a quick 12-4 lead. For the next six ends, Masel grinded away to reel Hoffman in by winning five of the next six ends including three doubles to move within one. A two to Hoffman on the fourteenth end extended the lead back to three but then they dropped a four and then a two to surrender the lead and go into the last two ends three behind. A single to Hoffman left them two behind going into the last end and when the last end bowls had been completed, Masel was down one for sure and umpire Sue Hogg was called to determine if an extra end was required. After a tense few minutes, umpire Hogg turned out the Mt Lawley bowl to cheers of the considerable Mt Lawley supporter base and sent the Mt Lawley team into their first state final.

Going into the final, it was determined that a full Mt Lawley team had not won the Men’s State Fours since 1931 but with a large contingent of club members at the Bassendean Bowling Club the Mark Masel lead team were looking to make some history with the love of the crowd behind them.

As the Moyle team did in the Semi Final, they started the match by grabbing a large number, in this case a 4, on the first end but unlike the previous game, Mt Lawley answered with a three and then three ends later got a four of their own to lead 8-5 after six ends. The more experienced Moyle team heaped the pressure on and if it weren’t for a couple of tremendous drives from Mark Masel, could have worked their way out to a nice lead.

During the middle part of the game the two teams went end for end with one important difference. Moyle would score a single and the next end Masel would score a two, again Moyle would score a single and again Masel would reply with a two. This scenario went on for eight ends, so while both teams were scoring every second end, the lead continued to grow for the Mt Lawley team, and they found themselves up 16-9 after thirteen ends. Consecutive scores to Mt Lawley put them within grasp of the title and although Moyle grabbed a four on the third last end, it turned out to be too little too late. A two on the second last end put Mt Lawley eight in front with one end to go and they finished it off with another two as Moyle was trying to kill the end.

A great win and first State title for Mark Masel, Anthony Einfield, Paul Sinden and Adam Graham with all four players contributing throughout the game. Adam Graham was particularly consistent in the lead position and was backed up very well with both Paul Sinden, playing second and Anthony Einfield in the thirds position, playing bowls at important times. Skip, Mark Masel played big draw shots and a couple of very good drives to lead the team out of trouble when required. It will be a day they will remember not only for the bowls but also the amazing support they received from family, friends and the Mt Lawley supporter base.

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