Men’s Over 60’s Pairs Announcement

by Aaron Delaporte on November 9, 2020

Due to the following circumstances the Men’s Over 60’s State Pairs have been postponed to a date in the future, meaning no further play this week.

  1. A majority of venues have either not completed, and in one venues case, not started the sectional rounds
  2. There is the forecast for some more rain tomorrow (Tuesday). While it is not forecast enough to cancel single games e.g.  pennant, it has the possibility of not allowing a whole days play to be completed in the case of sectional play, further delaying the event.
  3. Venues and volunteer organisers were not necessarily available.
  4. The venues draw was not set up to play a combination of sectional play and knockout play on the same day, with some section winners required to play other section winners at a different venue.
  5. Their was no way to catch up and play the finals on Wednesday and if there were further delays tomorrow, combined with metro midweek pennant on Thursday, the finals may not have been able to be completed this week.

A date has not been decided upon at the moment but further information will be emailed and shown on the Bowls WA website once a decision has been made. As per Law 32 below, all games played will be honoured and unfinished games will pick up from where they left off. If players have cards of unfinished games they should either return them to their venue or keep hold of them for when the fixture resumes.

32 Game stoppages

32.1 If a game is stopped because of darkness, weather conditions or any other valid reason by:

  32.1.1 the Controlling Body;

  32.1.2 the umpire after an appeal has been made by the players; or

  32.1.3 agreement between the players when an umpire or a representative of the Controlling Body is not present;

  the game must be continued either on the same day or on a different day. The scores will be as they were when the game was stopped.