Men’s Over 60’s Pairs Announcement

by Aaron Delaporte

The Men’s Over 60’s State Pairs has been rescheduled to continue play on Monday 18th, Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th January 2021.

While venues have not been finalised at this time, all uncompleted sectional games will continue from where they left off. If teams took their uncompleted game cards with them, they must hold onto them until they resume play.

Winners of the sections that were completed on the original day of play will not be required until Tuesday 19th January. Further information regarding venues for all days will be released at a later date.

Some enquiries have been made in regards to teams within sections organising themselves and completing games in their own time.

While this is not considered ideal and will not become a precedent, it will be allowed on this occasion due to the exceptional circumstances, under the following conditions.

  1. All teams within the section must agree to meet at the same venue to complete the games at the same time
  2. All teams within the section must send an email to acknowledging they agree to complete the section prior to Monday 18th January and were not forced in any way to do so.
  3. One team is to be designated to send final scores to These scores must be accompanied by pictures showing completed cards or they may be delivered to the Bowls WA office at 158 Main Street Osborne Park


Pieter Harris
Bowls WA Competition Manager