Men’s Saturday Pennant Promotion Finals

by Aaron Delaporte

Congratulations to the clubs competing in the Blooms The Chemist Men’s Saturday Pennant Promotion finals.

Please note the following information and playing schedule

  • All 3rd Division and Below Colour Promotion Finals are a PM fixture only, starting at the usual Men’s Saturday Pennant start time.
  • 6th Division do not play Promotion Playoffs. Opportunities will be available for 6th Division Clubs to request promotion to 5th Division when the 2021-22 season Pennant Entitlements are released.
  • Finals for each colour are played at the highest ranked club.
  • It is the host club’s responsibility to provide Umpires for all Pennant Finals at the venue. If opposition clubs have available umpires within their team, they should notify the Umpire of the Day they have umpires willing to help
  • Bowls Link will be open for clubs to input teams after Midday on Thursday 25th March.