Over 60’s Pairs Results Wrap

by Aaron Delaporte

Women’s Over 60’s State Pairs

Linda Warburton and Kerry Andersen (Mosman Park) swept all before them in completing back-to-back Women’s Over 60’s State Pairs titles and their third together in the last five years at the Bassendean Bowling Club.

In the first Semi Final, Warburton and Andersen won six of the first seven ends to take a 14-2 lead over recent State Fours winner Jenny Bruce and her partner Lyn Colmer (Busselton). While offering some resistance in the second half of the match, Bruce and Colmer could only manage singles and an occasional two to eventually go down 11-19 despite winning eight ends of the seventeen-end game.

The second Semi Final saw Janet Cocks and Rinske Butcher (North Beach) overcome Shelley Radcliffe and Renate Coote (Mosman Park) in a high scoring affair. It wasn’t until the eleventh end that a single was scored and by that time there had been four x 4’s, a couple of 3’s and the remainder being 2’s. Cocks and Butcher built a solid 17-9 lead only to see Radcliffe and Coote win five of the next six ends to get to 17-18. Cocks was able to steady to win the final three ends and go into the Final with a 22-17 win.

As they did in the Semi-Final, Warburton and Andersen jumped out of the blocks with a three and a single on the first two ends and while the next ten ends were shred evenly, Warburton scored multiples while Cocks could only get singles and a solitary two. Warburton grabbed a four and a three on the fifth and sixth ends and then further two’s and three’s at regular intervals to lead 18-6 after twelve ends. Cocks and Butcher had a mini revival, winning three consecutive ends to close the gap to 11-18 but with only three ends to play it seemed a forlorn task. With a single on the sixteenth task, Warburton was within grasp of the title. A five to Warburton and Andersen, with Cocks and Butcher chasing a number to stay in the contest, put the contest beyond doubt and Linda Warburton and Kerry Andersen retained their title in style.

Women’s Over 60’s Pairs Results

Men’s Over 60’s State Pairs

Alek Gryta (Mosman Park) and Ross Donald (Dalkeith Nedlands) won their first Men’s Over 60’s State Pairs title in style at the Sorrento Bowling Club.

After an even first six ends in Gryta’s and Donald’s semi-final against the formidable pairing of Bruce Eagles and Greg Taylor (Sorrento), Gryta collected three fours in four ends to take a commanding 14-6 lead. A further two and single built the lead further to 17-6 before Eagles and Taylor fought back to win the next four ends. However, as they were all singles the lead was being reeled in very slowly and certainly not quick enough with the number of ends remaining. A two to Gryta on the third last end virtually sealed the match and then a single on the second last end finished it off with an insurmountable 20-10 victory.

The second semi-final was a high quality affair for the much of the match with Geoff Devenish and David Anderson up against Ross White (Collie) and Gordon Twist (Eaton). A collection of two’s saw Devenish jumped out to an 8-3 lead before White took a single and then a four to even the score up at 8-8. Again Devenish and Anderson took the lead with White and Twist just doing enough to stay in touch. At 14-11 to Devenish it was still anybody’s game but a three to Devenish took him to a 17-11 lead and then a two on the second last end sealed the game and a place in the final with a 19-12 win.

The final was close early with all players doing their bit to keep the game at a high level. Devenish and Anderson were winning more ends early but only getting singles, while Gryta and Donald only won two of the first seven ends but they got a two and a four to lead 7-5. The two teams traded ends to reach 8-8 after eleven ends when disaster struck for Devenish and Anderson. On the twelfth end Gryta and Donald got a big six shots to jump to the lead. A single to Devenish helped keep things steady but then Gryta and Donald went big again with a two and then a big five to lead 21-9. Another two shots took the lead to 23-9 and made it impossible for Alek Gryta and Ross Donald to be caught as they waltzed away with the 2021-22 Men’s Over 60’s State Pairs Title.

Men’s Over 60’s Pairs Results