Women’s Country v Metro Results

by Aaron Delaporte on March 20, 2023

The traditional opener to Women’s Country Week was held at Manning Bowling Club in great weather on a very nice surface and played in great spirits by all 96 players who represented their clubs and Metro or Country team with pride.

Both the Metro and Country sides shared the rink wins with the Metropolitan team recording 6 victories to the Country teams 5 with one draw recorded. Overall the Metropolitan team took the aggregate by 43 shots courtesy of several big rinks wins. Former Country bowler Chris Ace-Watson with her team of Klaire Hughes, Gail Hjorth and Saff Alden winning 38-10 whilst the Lisa Featherby and Shaan Saunders rinks also put in good performance winning by 14 and 17. For the Country the best rink win was provided by Joanne Lancaster with her team of Helen Moylan, Carol Crane and Sue Courboules with a 30-12 victory.