Merriwa score the perfect eight

by admin on March 13, 2014

to secure a remarkable win What happened at Merriwa BC on Saturday (March 8) in the Division Three Gold match with Doubleview was probably not unique but it came into the truly unbelievable category.

The Doubleview rink in betting terms was a shorter price to win than Black Caviar in her prime – seven up with just an end to play. Mission surely impossible for Merriwa.

Cue the drama: For once , the Doubleview lead failed to put his two bowls in the head. On the other hand Merriwa’s Bill Morrow put two bowls inside the half metre followed by David Owens who put two just behind the kitty.

Doubleview’s third, who had been deadly all day, drew shot with his first bowl. Merriwa skip, Bob Gillian, only given the responsibility a few games ago, called on Steve Appleton to take out the shot. He did this and left his own bowl in the head.

Doubleview’s third attempted to return the compliment but the bowl sailed through leaving the head unscathed. Steve then put his last shot in the head.

Bob indicated to Steve during the changeover that just one opposition bowl was preventing a good score. But he said “let’s see what this Skip does with the first bowl.” He played a running bowl down to disturb the head and failed.

Bob then sent a perfectly weighted shot, taking out the strategic bowl. His own wood rolled in to hold shot. The following game saving bowl from the opposing skipper was high wide and handsome.

Bob and Steve had a gentlemanly conversation over 24 metres and with grim determination Bob delivered his last bowl that finished six inches from the jack.

Incredibly, Merriwa were winners by 18 shots to 17 and all eight players left the green in the certain knowledge they will never be involved in anything quite like that again…
Brian Barron – Merriwa
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